Sharon Weiss, PhD.
Head Coach

Sharon Weiss, PhD, Head Coach began coaching Lakeridge Swim Team in the spring of 1989. Since that first season, she has been part of an evolution of an extraordinary USA Swimming program, one rich with fast swimming, family, and friends. For Weiss, coaching age group swimming is as much about raising children as it is about imparting the art and science of swimming. Her philosophy is simple: regardless of ability, there is something for everyone in the sport of swimming. This philosophy certainly has roots in her swimming career and formal education, but it is the Lakeridge swimmers themselves who have been the real teachers over the past two and half decades.

Weiss’ swimming career began in Southern California in the 1970’s and was highlighted with competitions in the US National Championships (1979-1984), US Olympic Team Trials (1980 & 1984), and the first Women’s NCAA Division I Swimming Championship in history (1982) while representing the University of Arizona (1980-1984). She remains an active masters swimmer today and even enjoys the occasional pool and open water competition (US Masters National Champion 1994, 1997, 2001, 2013). Longtime interest in the social sciences inspired Weiss to pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology, minor in Sociology (University of Arizona, 1985), a master's degree in Psychology (Pepperdine University, 1990), and a doctoral degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology (UNR, 2010). In addition to coaching, Weiss has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at both UNR and TMCC and currently serves on the board for the Network for Advancing Athletes.